Testimonials from Parents, Students and Education Professionals in the Dallas Area


Ms. Carter inspires children to dig deeper into their talents and to produce work which neither the child nor the parent thought they were capable of.  My son’s writing has improved immensely over the last two years, as have his critical thinking skills.  I believe this is due in large part to her efforts.  Kelley has patience and perseverance to work with children with learning differences, and she successfully balances sensitivity and firmness.  As a parent, I would highly recommend Kelley Carter.

~Anne ,
  parent, Dallas Academy student


Kelley’s method of tutoring helped instill in my daughter the confidence she lacked to perform well on standardized tests and in class.  Kelley is patient, kind, and understanding of the individual student’s needs.

  parent, Ursuline Academy student


Kelley is wonderful.  She has worked with my son (who has complicated issues) and in a very short time, has already made him more confident in his writing. She has found a logical, methodical way to help him learn better composition techniques while making the process exciting and enjoyable for him.  He is proud of the progress he has made. I would recommend Kelley to anyone.

~Nancy, parent of tutoring client


Because of Kelley’s patience, commitment and guidance, my son is excited about learning!  She has really sparked the initiative in him.

~Valerie, parent of SAT tutoring client


Since working one on one with Kelley, our high school junior has learned effective strategies for reading comprehension, writing and note-taking that put “A” quality papers well within his grasp.  Kelley has a true love for helping students achieve their best.  I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to improve reading, writing and organizational skills.

~Rose, parent of tutoring client


Kelley understands the need for students to own responsibility for their learning and their lives.

~Deanna, parent of tutoring client

Ms. Carter is the teacher every parent dreams of for their child.  She has tapped my son’s potential, and he has blossomed.

parent of tutoring client



Ms. Carter is a fantastic educator, and she helped me understand when I felt I just could not grasp a concept.  When I doubted my abilities, she was very supportive and was always willing to go the extra mile in explaining things to me.  My self-confidence grew as  I finally started to comprehend what I had struggled with for so long.  Her patience and positive reinforcement helped me grow not only as a student, but as a person.

  student, The Winston School

My name is Rolando.  I am 19 years old and was born in Monterey, Mexico.  I had the good fortune to have Ms. Carter as my ESL English teacher for two years.  I would need more than a notebook to describe how wonderful she is as a teacher and as a person.  She is completely dedicated. She is precise in her teaching, but at the same time, she has so much patience with her students. She treats them as her own kids.  The most important thing I learned from Ms. Carter is self-confidence.  Now I am in my sophomore year at college making a 3.75 GPA.  I write essays, make speeches and have the opportunity to speak to many people in my second language, English.  I’m grateful that I met Ms. Carter; she changed my life.

student, Bryan Adams 

I am a refugee from Tanzania, Africa.  I had moved from one country to another; I was now in the US  and  unable to speak English.  The only two languages I could speak were Swahili and French, and in Ms. Carter’s class, all of the students were from different countries.  But because of her intelligence in teaching, her patience and her caring,  in a few months we were able to speak, read and write English.  She treats her students like we are part of her family which makes everyone feel at home.  I graduated as an A honor roll student.  Now I am a freshman in college, and I have been awarded the Rising Star Scholarship for two years.  All of this is because of her.

student, Bryan Adams 

Kelley was great at helping me increase my SAT/ACT scores!  She guided me to understand why an answer was correct, as well as teaching me a few tricks, which she calls “strategies”.  She is patient, helpful and understanding.

tutoring client 

I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to get SAT tutoring from Ms. Kelley. She has taught me more about grammar than I have learned during my entire education! I have recommended her to my friends because she is just an awesome teacher, and she finds a way to make everyone understand.

~Raven, student, Mesquite High School

With Ms. Kelley’s help on strategies, I was able to increase my SAT scores in writing and reading. I’ve recommended her to friends because she has this way of getting straight to the point and making everything clear. I really appreciate her amazing determination in helping me succeed.

~Chris, Boys and Girls Club client



Kelley is dedicated to her students; I have marveled at the wonderful relationships that she has developed over the years and the fact that these students will never forget the important role she has played in their young lives.  She is an excellent teacher with enthusiasm, a love for teaching, concern for her students, and a passion that many people in education do not have.

~Mary Ackert 
  English Department Chair

Ms. Carter uses motivational and instructional strategies to promote student responsibility.  She consistently encourages and supports students who are reluctant and having difficulty.  She has a great relationship with her students; hence, they are active participants in the learning process.

~Dr. Janice Lombardi
Principal Trini Early College High School

Ms. Carter’s expertise in teaching learning different students is evident.  The tools, strategies and support needed for the LD child have proven to be beneficial to all her students.  Ms. Carter has a wonderful connection with people of all ages, especially children.  Her ability to connect with students and her talent for teaching complex content in a simplified, sequential manner is superior.  She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, reliable and dedicated to her students.

~Anita Gomez
ELL Department Chair

Kelley’s gentle and patient nature makes students feel safe enough to push themselves to succeed, and to take chances in their learning.  She has an uncanny ability to pinpoint students’ deficits and then work with them at their level to remediate.  All of the students she has worked with have experienced success, either by earning higher grades or by improving standardized test scores.

~Kathy Pieper, MA,
Professional Educational Therapist

 Ms Carter works with students helping them acquire resiliency and coping skills for academic and life success.

~Miguel Nava
Assistant Principal Bryan Adams

 Kelley’s teaching, from instructional methods to motivational strategies to classroom management, is superb.  Her ideals as an educator are manifest in the way she conducts herself in her classroom and in tutorial settings.  She challenges her students, holding them to high standards of performance and behavior while nurturing them in a warm and supportive environment.  Kelley takes time to develop personal connections with her students.  She reaches them, and draws them out, because she knows each one of them, and they respond unusually well to her insight and compassion.

~Dr. Ken Springer
SMU Department of Education

Kelley’s students quickly recognize her as an enthusiastic and motivating teacher.  She believes in her students, displays kindness and compassion, and in return she earns their respect and their desire to learn more.  She challenges them to give their best on a daily basis, while slowly raising the academic bar.  With each level the bar was raised, the kids met the challenges and sought after more.  They credit their success to her.  One student was quoted, “Ms. Carter, because of you, I raised my SAT reading comprehension score.”  Kelley has taught them so much more than reading comprehension this year; she has taught them that success is achieved through learning to believe in oneself.  Clearly, Kelley has a gift.

~Gayle Yost,
The Shelton School

Kelley’s creativity, sensitivity, and compassion provide students with the desire to do well, to learn, to create and to accomplish all the goals she sets for them.  She is gentle yet firm in her standards; she sets her objectives high so that the students continually reach outside of their comfort zones.  Kelley offers a creative edge not often seen in the conventional teacher.

~Louise Brough,
English Department Chair  

Kelley Carter  is a strong and dedicated educator, filled with love for her students and a greater concern for humankind.  She has been a generous guide, kind and thoughtful and maintains a wonderful  relationship with those she works with.  My association with Kelley and her international students, through their dedication to my organization, has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

~Anthony Ayebare
Executive Director,  Global Batwa Outreach